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Surely you all know the miniature aircraft is made of what ??? Because the material is very common and every day we find him. This plane is made of cigarette litter from cigarette packs hehehhe.

Perhaps in the minds of cigarette packs only friend of useless junk, which should be thrown in the trash. But for me everything is useful when it can be used well.

Because too much trash strewn in our country, plus hheee crum. So it adds a lot of garbage that we have to improve, so that our country can be clean and free of litter necessarily healthy, such as the neighboring countries.

No need to think too much, now everyone makes creativity kayak like this. Our country will be free of litter and Becoming a wonderful program. Of course, many other countries see and visit to our country, it would bring $ for our own country.

To change something that big should begin with small things, must be done step by step. This method should also be done in a new way, so that there is a new spirit.

It is very easy to do not necessarily everyone can do it, without creativity in him.
Immediately wrote to the tutorial plane as follows:

-Step First there has to do is prepare a pack of cigarettes that do not use the alias garbage.

-Uninstall plastic
make sure the pack of cigarettes in a dry state and the whole is not damaged.

-Pull the head of a pack of cigarettes
Pull the head until the pack is fully open, so it's easy when you pick up the paper in it.

-Take Paper Gold
Take the paper gold like on cigarette packs, be careful not to tear the paper. then formed as shown above no.1 paper.

-The tip was torn from cigarette packs
Torn pack of cigarettes in the joints, do it carefully not to tear. Once shredded and then form an image as no.2 above.
The rest, you can create such images no.3 above.

-The head of a pack of cigarettes at the torn edges
The torn edges of the head of the pack of cigarettes, then the form as shown in the above no.4.

Formation process

-Plane head
Gold no.1 paper form as shown above, by means of a roll by hand

-Aircraft wing part
no.2 image into a paper airplane wing shape as shown no.2 above, while the following way:
First you have to do is find the middle line, to find the center line quite easily you can only fold the paper's last meeting with the last paper. Then you ripped in the middle of the paper, then fold the paper as building a triangle.

-Aircraft Agency
Tratas no.3 drawing paper form to the fuselage as shown above as image no.2, folding paper last met with the fold line ends there. Then tear off the end of the line into a third lipatanya, do the same with the other side and then fold on each end of the paper has been torn previously. Paper form using the index finger like tube, placing the index finger in the middle of the paper and then forming paper such as index finger construction

-Aircraft tail
create no.4 drawing paper as shown in the top picture no.4, do the same thing as making aircraft, but at the moment there are no torn and folded.

assembly process

-Assembly process here is very easy, you certainly can do it if you follow the instructions in the tutorial here.
Connect the head of the field no.1 image with the image plane no.3, with the last input plane blunt head into a hole the fuselage.

-Connect the wings of the aircraft with the fuselage, enter the crease on the fuselage of a hole made in the middle of an airplane wing.
after the folds on the fuselage of all incoming and already visible from the outside, the next step to stay unplug the aircraft fuselage to the wing was locked.

-The final step is to connect the tail of the aircraft, the aircraft's tail in the hole. Then see the results

more details, see this video


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