How to deal with acne naturally is the most important thing in our lives, many ways to do so that we look up appearances.Many people do in any way to be able to perform optimally, such as acne, acne is a scourge for everyone, especially for women because it is located on the face.

Do you know why can arise acne ?? Because it is caused by excess oil production klenjar then the blockage in the skin pores by dirt so that the oil is retained and subsequently created a pimple.

But many factors that can lead to acne, as a former cosmetics were rarely cleaned that accumulate, commonly experienced by teenagers who are puberty, due to excess hormones, women coming months and pregnant or menstruating.

Now that you know the origin of acne, you should also know how to prevent it. Yes way to prevent it is quite easy, you have to maintain hygiene, frequently washing your face with clean water or with facial foam.Well what if acne already grown ?? You only need abstinence you to solve or suppress wear nail

Because it will only worsen the course, usually acne solved wear nail will leave stains and black and sometimes can also lead to inflammation.If you have any feedback, suggestions or other solutions please tingalkan in the comments field.So enough from me hopefully useful and thank you.

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