Most Popular and Best Travel Sites In Indonesia Amazing

Indonesia is a tropical country, and is situated in the middle of the equator so the place is very fertile and many beautiful places.

The following list Travel Sites in Indonesia

1.Raja Ampat Papua

Raja Ampat is one of pride Indonesian archipelago located in the eastern part of Indonesia precisely in the area of West Papua. Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater beauty. Nearly half the world's species of fish in the sea Raja Ampat. There are also many inns that serve the comfort and beauty of the natural landscape Raja Ampat.

2.Bali island

Bali is a tourist spot in Indonesia is very popular in the world. Everyone should be familiar with Indonesia from Bali. On the island there are many tourist attractions that you can visit. There is a beautiful beach resort of Kuta to enjoy the sunset. There Ubud providing natural sights with a rustic atmosphere and there are also other tourist places that are not as beautiful as Bedugul, Tanah Lot and many more.

3 Marine Park Tourism

Indonesia is famous for its beautiful underwater tour one of which is travel Bunaken marine park. Bunaken is located in the province of North Sulawesi. By doing snorkeling in Bunaken, you will be spoiled with beautiful coral reefs and fish are very beautiful. Because the natural beauty of the sea, therefore bunaken enter into 10 most popular and the best tourist spots in Indonesia.


Yogyakarta is famous for its cultural tourism. The hospitality of its citizens and the comfort of the city became the main attraction of the city commonly dubbed with this student city. No travel history like Prambanan temple, Borobudur, Yogyakarta Palace and Taman Sari. For those of you who like shopping at a very cheap price, you can also visit the Malioboro area. In addition to historical and cultural attractions, you can also enjoy a wide range of culinary tourism at very cheap prices.

5 Lombok Island       

Lombok Island is located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok Island is a collection of several small islands. Travel Lombok island is largely coastal tourism. There Senggigi beach is famous for its underwater beauty. There Gili islands with several smaller islands such as Gili water, Gili Meno and Gili Terawangan that has clean white sand is very beautiful, with a beauty that no one island of Lombok including the 10 most popular tourist attractions and the best in Indonesia.

6 Mount Bromo

Never tell already visited various tourist in Indonesia if you do not visit Mount Bromo. Romo mountain area located in East Java, precisely in the national park Tengger Sumeru. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise were very charming, if you climb to the top of Mount Bromo.

7.Komodo island

Komodo is an animal that makes one of the wonders of the world. Komodo just stay on the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. In addition to enjoying life's rarest animals, you can also enjoy the natural beauty that is no less amazing.

8. Lake Toba

One of the 10 most popular tourist spot in Indonesia and the next best is the Lake Toba. The lake is located in the province of North Sumatra. Lake Toba is a lake that cratered contained a small island in the middle. Wide lake Toba almost coincides with the several counties, and therefore the lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia.


Wakatobi become one of the national parks that have natural beauty under the sea that are not less good than the Raja Ampat and Bunaken. For those of you who like diving, you should obligatory visit Wakatobi. Waktobi located in Southeast Sulawesi province.


For those of you who like the culture, you must visit the Tanah Toraja included into the 10 most popular tourist attractions and the best in Indonesia. While visiting the Tanah Toraja, came when the holding of funeral ceremonies. Let you can witness the ceremonies Tanah Toraja.

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