15 simple tips to Speed up Running Android Phone

How to resolve or make the HP Android in order not to slow very important to smartphone users who have phones with internal memory and RAM are minimal. By means of adding or enlarging the capacity of RAM also greatly help reduce Hp Android OS is slow. Actually, there are many factors that cause Hp we become slow, and even one condition could make cell phones become a lag because of the inability of running applications or games that weight requires a high graphics. 

So this occasion we peeled so that Smartphones do not slow. If we do not know how to make or address the Hp Android in order not to slow, then the problem is going to arise that will make us as users feel uneasy, and irritated. How not, just think if we were playing a game that is more fun to remain another step towards victory, all of a sudden the Hp Android we jammed. How annoying isn't it? Or when we were watching the ball, when it's almost Gool and even crashes. Want to slam it feels.

  1. Remove applications that are not very useful. This way can make the HP Android not slow because capacity internal memory be relieved so as not to burden the smartphone when running other applications. Reserving only critical applications – it is important to avoid the Hp Android so slow. 
  2. Avoid too many widgets on the Home Screen. This way can also make HP Android does not slow as most widget also takes up a lot of RAMs memory capacity also so slow down the performance of the Hp Android. In fact, over the widget could make smartphones be lag. So, we recommend that you remove some widgets not important to make the capacity of RAM being loose. 
  3. Organize, and control of internet data traffic. It is also potent way to make HP Android becomes slow, because by setting the synchronization so that it doesn't take much internet data packet connection which are required to be displayed and downloaded automatically, in addition to save battery life, save internet quotas also reduces the performance of RAM that is too heavy. If you are Android Hp root, you can use the application to do this kind of work with Droidwall. 
  4. Do not use antivirus double. This way also has to make the Hp Android does not slow. Some anti-virus applications typically running behind the background even though we do not open, the application is still running and consuming larger RAM. The more use anti-virus, then also the more RAM usage and automatic Hp Android to be slow. 
  5. Avoid as much as possible the use of a live wallpaper. This way can also make HP Android becomes slow. Live wallpapers are indeed impressed cool, as well as unsightly as more attractive. However, many do not realize if this animation has a size that is large enough that when it starts consuming RAM capacity is also much that cause Hp Android to be slow. If you're currently using a live wallpaper, please switch to regular wallpaper alone in order to reduce the RAM, and hard work to make battery power become more thrifty 30%. 
  6. Freeze bloatware application (application default Hp Android). By implementing this as a way to make the HP Android in order not to slow will increase capacity of RAM on a smartphone. Because, the workings of bloatware or default applications this is walking behind the background so although not opened the application will continue to run. Even if we stop right this bloatware applications by means of force, but nonetheless this app will be open again by itself. Freeze or freeze bloatware can only be done on the Hp Android that has been at the root. Applications that can be used to Freeze is Titanium Backup or Link2SD. 
  7. Use the application useless garbage cleaners. How is quite efficient in making HP Android in order not to slow. By deleting junk-junk such as cookies, junk files, empty folders, and the cache will increase the memory capacity. In terms of hygiene, you can entrust to the application named garbage cleaners Clean Master. 
  8. Close the forced application useless. How is also advisable to make Android into Hp not lemot. By closing all applications running behind the actual background is not we want, will add to the capacity of your RAM. In terms of force this force, you can use applications that run automatically named Auto Kill. 
  9. When charging, make it a habit of phones are in a State of death. If the way this one is indeed a little influence in making HP Android in order not to slow. However, with the charge in a State of death will prolong the life of the battery and keep the sensitivity, as well as corporate responsibility Hp Touch screen Android you. It can also be said for avoiding error or trouble on a smartphone.
  10. If possible, use a paid application wherever possible. This way is also effective in making HP Android not lemot. Why should a paid app? In fact, a free application available on Google a lot Play Store is application testing stage, or arguably a Guinea pig. If the application of many devotees, it will be upgraded to premium version so users are required to purchase. Free application usually has many ads or ads that appear when we use the application, so the internet becomes increasingly extravagant quota only. To remove the ads on an Android, Hp application we can use application Lucky Patcher.
  11. Remove the files that are not too important. For the sake of adding or enlarging the capacity of memory, this way is highly recommended in order to make the HP Android becomes slow. Surely every smartphone had history on its own for its users, so that so many files stored in the memory of your phone such as pictures, videos, documents, notes, and other files that are narrow storage space memory. To create a loose memory storage space, some files that are not too important to be in the clear, or if it's still a shame to delete it, can we buy a new memory card as a backup.
  12. Avoid Multi tasking too much. Too many applications open at the same time it would take a lot of RAM anyway. If the capacity is full, RAM the Hp Android will likely lag and will restart by itself. So use this way to make the Hp Android in order not to slow by closing applications that are deemed not too important, so adding or enlarging room capacity RAM memory at once save battery power and the battery life becomes longer.
  13. Install the application according to the specifications of the Hp Android. In addition to making Hp Android is not slow, it is also useful to add or enlarging the capacity of RAM on Hp Android. If we have your mobile phone with 512 RAM, don't haphazardly put up large applications. Instead you want to run the application, thus causing problems that cause Hp Android we are so bogged down, as a small RAM and graphic support hasn't been adequate.
  14. Caution When doing our ROM. If we often change the ROMs on Hp Android with a purpose so as not to get bored, select the ROM offers a saving of RAM usage, internal memory and save battery power. It also is one of the ways to make the HP Android becomes slow.
  15. Use a lightweight launcher themes and minimalist. Launcher or theme on Android is also very influential towards the speed of our cell phones. The wearing of a launcher that uses animation and cool effect also consuming capacity of RAM the Hp Android. Launcher does look more interesting, but if it causes slow then it ought to be for delete up to its roots. This way is also very effective to make the Hp Android in order not to slow.

If you follow all the tips how to make HP Android does not slow the above correctly, then your smartphone will be freed from whose name is slow or the occurrence of the lag. Therefore, the above tips can increase or enlarge the capacity of RAM the Hp Android that you use. So wait, waste away slowly makes you become uneasy, and annoying the way above.

Everyone certainly has its own unique way to increase or enlarge the capacity of RAM in order to improve the performance of their favorite smartphone. If you have unique ways other than the ways mentioned above, please give their knowledge to us all so alike benefit in troubleshooting Hp Android were slow or like lag. So the postings 15 how to make HP Android OS does not Slow my end, this may be useful for all of us, and thanks for his visit

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