How to Download and install WhatsApp Application in Android Tablet

This tutorial is a continuation of my previous blog i.e. Android Indonesia. Problems that frequently complaining by the blog readers are at the time of application install WhatsApp from the links I've provided most complained about a problem that is requested in setting time setting. In short the application WhatsApp can not be used.

From here it can be concluded that the application of WhatsApp to old versions can not be used again even though the application I get on the official site of WhatsApp. Indeed, the application that is in the blog the old version or the year 2015 and indeed I have not had time to update. In order to make it easier for users of Android Tablet that can not download application WhatsApp I will give you the latest tutorial so that blog readers no longer need to contact me to request the latest version of WhatsApp application or update.

WhatsApp application to date is not available for some types of Android tablet. Not all there are several types of Android tablet that can already use WhatsApp with install directly from the Play Store. As I explained before I get this application is indeed from the official website i.e., but the problem is if the user's Android Tablet especially if you want to download by visiting the official site will be on point to Play Store and the problem will always arise notice "of your device is not compatible with this version of".

There are a few easy tricks to be able to download the application directly on the tablet does WhatsApp through Play Store and also to update the latest version of WhatsApp application. The application also which I gave on the Android blog Indonesia. Please refer to the full explanation here.

The first step.
Open Chrome apps on Android Tablet. Please do the setting in advance by pressing point three at the top right corner. Please press on the menu Change Desktop site to enable a check list.

The second step.
Go to the site, if it pleases select the DOWNLOAD or download continue by pressing menu Android. Next door there are iPhone and Android Windows Phone meaning if there is a second type of mobile phone users will not be able to download the official version of WhatsApp application store official then can use this way.

The third step.
Please press menu Download Now. WhatsApp application that is on this website is the latest version. The file size will vary for each individual. Like in the picture below there is information i.e. Tablet devices are not supported. That means it's not support if the Play directly from the Store but if from the official site can still be installed on Android Tablet.

Sign applications already in the download there will be arrows on the top right corner of screen Android tablet. Please wait until the download process is complete.

If you want to update to the latest version is usually there will be a notice on the application of automatic WhatsApp but if does not appear then to update to the latest version WhatsApp application please do as in the above stages. If there are any questions please tell us in the comments field, good luck.

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