Tips for Changing your adsense account hosted to non hosted

Adsense account Hosted i.e. Adsense advertising that could only appear on google products only. Suppose we monetize YouTube and blogs are made free of charge through But the lack of this Adsense, can not be used to monetize a website with domain TLD other than or although our blogs from blogspot which in turn into. Com.

Whereas a Non Adsense is Hosted ad can be placed on the google product or domain TLD. This Adsense account in the said Full Approve and it is very difficult to get it because the process is so long compared with getting Adsense Hosted.

There is still much confused how do I change the adsense account hosted to non hosted, since most of the list of YouTube adsense account, so when already accepted his account be hosted adsense account so that it could not make an ad for mounted on the website or blog.

Well this time I try to create the tutorial changing the adsense account hosted to non hosted, please follow the steps below:

  • Login in your adsense account
  • Next please select My Ads

  • Then select Other products and enter the domain of your website e.g. continue to click submit

Next will be asked to copy the JavaScript code as shown in the image below for a place on the <head> tag on the website after you.

When already install and update on the homepage, click DONE and you will be on your website a review by a team of google approximately 3 (three) days depending on the number of the queue, of course.

You will receive an email notification when your site is accepted and the account you Host managed to become Adnsense Non Hosted.

So the tutorial how to change your Adsense account Hosted to Non Hosted, don't forget to share you guys sosmed in Yes and also may be able to help you guys and of course managed to change your adsense account you guys

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